NEW! FS Pro 2020: Accessing your information just got easier!

Successful companies understand the importance of creating easy-to-read, well-structured documentation. Companies have been using FS Pro to streamline the process for years.

With the launch of FS Pro 2020 and one-click cloud publishing, sharing your Microsoft Word content just got easier.

We make your information WORK!

Today, the need to extract your critical information from traditional documentation, and get it in the hands of employees that need it to do their jobs effectively, has become essential. FS Pro 2020 enables publishing of content from Microsoft Word to the cloud in a format that is clear, responsive, and simple to navigate - making it efficient for your audience to find exactly WHAT they need, WHEN they need it.

What is FS Pro 2020?

Why use FS Pro cloud publishing?

What's new in FS Pro 2020?

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What is FS Pro 2020?


FS Pro 2020 is a software tool that allows users to create well-structured documents, such as policies, SOPs, product documentation, sales proposals and training manuals, in Microsoft Word. It utilizes the proven Information Mapping® methodology. This way, you don’t have to worry about the layout, but you can focus on the actual content of your document.

Advantages for your organization

By making Information Mapping® a standard within your organization, writers and editors will be able to

  • quickly enhance their writing skills for creating documentation, policies and procedures, reports, proposals, etc
  • spend less time worrying about the layout and more time focusing on the actual content of their documents
  • improve readability by creating structured and modular documents
  • easily achieve consistency both within a document and between documents, and
  • publish their documents as a web page, presentation, HTML and XML without intervention from the IT department.


Some of the great features of FS Pro 2020 include

  • easy installation and updating
  • a user-friendly FS Pro Ribbon
  • an Outline Pane for live validation of document structures and easy navigation
  • 23 built-in business templates for a quick-start to writing
  • icons for easily inserting Maps, Blocks, and Overview Maps into documents
  • a Style Manager for customizing and branding the look-and-feel of documents
  • pre-defined and/or customized tables
  • saving and reusing existing Maps and Blocks
  • publishing documents to the desktop as XML or HTML
  • publishing documents to the cloud as a website or presentation within 3 seconds, and 
  • protecting your online publication with a password and send a link to your audience.

Why use FS Pro cloud publishing?


You’ve created a structured Word document and it’s ready to be shared with your audience.  What now? Save it on your drive? Upload the PDF or Word document to your server? This makes it very hard for your audience to find and navigate through your document in order to find the information they need.  Furthermore, to access your document on their phone or tablet, your audience is forced to struggle with document and PDF viewer applications, which aren’t very user friendly.


By publishing your information Blocks to the cloud, FS Pro 2020 instantly transforms it into either an easy-to-navigate website or online presentation. By sharing the link of your published document, your audience can instantly access the information they need in an easy to navigate format that adapts to whichever screen they prefer.

It has never been this easy to share and access information online. Searching for information is over.

What's new in FS Pro 2020?

Intuitive Ribbon


The FS Pro Ribbon is even more user-friendly.  That is, it is more intuitive and aligned with the latest software and Microsoft Office developments.  Additionally, a tutorial button has been integrated into the ribbon to make it even easier to start using FS Pro.

Interactive Outline Pane


The Outline Pane now lets you manage Information Types and navigate Blocks and Maps at the click of a mouse.  Furthermore, Maps and Blocks can be organized in a swift drag-and-drop action.

Attach FS Pro


Users no longer need to attach FS Pro to their document.  When the first map is created, FS Pro automatically attaches to the document.

Customizable account system


License keys are no longer needed to activate FS Pro licenses.  A centralized account system allows IT departments to manage their users very easily.

Refurbished Style Manager


The Style Manager is easier to use and new functionality has been added (for example, several styles can be edited at once).



It is now possible to use sub-headers in a table for grouping a set of steps in a long procedure.

Cloud publishing


The clear and user-friendly Publish feature allows users to publish documents to their desktop and the Cloud.  When publishing to the Cloud, it takes only one click to transform the document into a website or an online presentation.